Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family Fishing Vacations

Take Your Kids Fishing in Sunset Country

Between video games, Internet chat rooms, television and mp3 players, kids today don't get to experience the outddors the same way we did. Yet, it is the outdoors and the activities you can do there that will teach them lessons no electronic device ever will. The simplest of pastimes - fishing - is probably one of the best activities you can do with your kids to get them away from the TV and into the great outdoors.

Sunset Country in Northwestern Ontario, Canada is an ideal destination for a family fishing vacation. With thousands of lakes, beautiful forests and hundreds of lodges and resorts to choose from, you can be confident a trip to our travel region will make your kids say "I can't believe this place".  This is even more the case if your family lives in a big city where concrete is the dominant landscape feature. 

Your children will be in awe of the birds and wildlife in our area and they will see things that just are not available back home. Maybe it will be a moose feeding in a shallow bay or a bear along side of the road as you drive to your destination. These experiences are invaluable for kids whose understanding of nature is limited because they seldom get to experience it.

As for the fishing, well it is simply second to none up here in Canada. Your kids won't complain that fishing is boring or that it takes forever to catch something. Within minutes your kid could land a beautiful Ontario walleye, a trophy northern pike, a smallmouth bass that jumps a foot above the water's surface or who knows, maybe even of of our famous Ontario muskies that will make their eyes open wide and their insides stir with excitement!

In addition to great Canadian resorts and lodges, there  are over 100 RV Parks and campgrounds you can go to if you want to experience something different. For true adventure, consider taking your  children on a Canadian fly-in fishing trip where you'll be the only people on the lake. The ride in on a bush plane will only make it that much more exciting and memorable for your kids. Catching over 100 walleye in a day may also stick in their minds for a while....

In addition to the great fishing your kids will enjoy swimming in the lake, hiking down a nature trail or just riding in a boat across the water.

Sunset Country Travel Association is a non-profit organization that promotes travel to our part of Canada. We have all the information you need to plan your trip so contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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Unknown said...

As the ice leaves Kenora (so I'm told from neighbours who are there and my parents) we as a family in Toronto start to relish our favourite memories of Lake of the Woods and look forward to summer vacation in Kenora. Thanks for a wonderful blog on what we truly feel is the nicest lake anywhere...Lake of the Woods...cheers