Monday, March 9, 2009

Time to Plan Your Summer Vacation

Vacations in Ontario's Sunset Country

Hey we know the economy's a real drag these days but perhaps a vacation would make you feel better? Sure it costs money to go on a trip but the great thing is there are loads of great resort and lodge packages, campgrounds and hotels up here in Ontario's Sunset Country. Your visit can be for a week renting a cabin along the lake, fishing and exloring the surroundings. Bring your trailer or RV and explore the many campgrounds and parks we have. Go hiking, swimming or canoeing. The great outdoors offers a wide choice of activities for the entire family.

To get you started you can use the links to the right to find the website with specific information on the vacation you are planning. All of the Travel Association's member business are listed on these websites so you have instant access to the people with the packages and services you're looking for.

Here's a list of some of the things you can do:

Rent a Cabin, Boat and Motor and Go Fishing

Rent a Houseboat

Go Camping

Take a Fly-in Fishing Trip

Go Canoeing in a Provincial Park

Try Scuba Diving in a Freshwater Lake


Rock Climbing

Mountain Biking

Nature Photography and Wildlife Viewing

Experience Festivals and Go Shopping in Town

Enter a Bass Fishing Tournament

Wayfinding With a GPS

and lots,lots more...the key thing to remember is that a grand vacation is not far away from home - especially if you live in the Midwest States, the Prairie Provinces in Canada or right here in Ontario. We offer great value, great fun and great memories in Ontario's Sunset Country.

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