Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring snow storm wallops the Thunder Bay area

Waist deep snow courtesy of AZ Bikes

The Spring of 2013 is sure to be remembered as 'the winter that never went away'. It is April 20th and usually at this time most of the snow has melted, the ice on the lake is rapidly disappearing and we are enjoying the warm sunshine beating down on us. Surprisingly the one thing that we have had this Spring is sunshine. Unfortunately the couple of cloudy days have brought heavy snowfalls.

That couldn't be more apparent today, as people are digging out from as much as 2 ft of heavy snow. While the storm has passed and the sun is out, there is a large swathe from the Atikokan area through Thunder Bay and along the north shore of Superior that is covered in many inches of heavy, wet snow.  The high winds that were strongly blowing during this latest snowstorm have made drifts so high, many had trouble even opening their house doors.

Take a look at some of the photos of the April 18/19, 2013 snowstorm.

April 19, 2013 snow storm
Michelle Key writes on Magic 99.9 "Trying to get to the front door."

Sarah Luchies writes "Wow! Is it April or December??" on Magic 99.9

Kashabowie Outposts Office - Just a wee bit of snow

John Erickson measures the snow depth in Thunder Bay and shares on CKDR

Photo submitted by Madison Wallace to Magic 99.9

Nearly 2 ft of snow falls on Nolalu. Photo courtesy of Bow Narrows Camp

So as you can see, many will be digging out for a long time. Any other year, it wouldn't matter as much because most of our snow would have been gone and we would have enjoying Spring. Since we haven't had Spring yet, this snow storm seems like Old Man Winter is kicking us when we are down.

How is it where you live? Are you ready for Spring?

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