Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Which Sculpture Would You Choose?

The 2012 Kenora Winter Carnival is set to take place March 2-4, 2012. This morning I took photos of the seven snow sculptures along what is known as thew Kenora Greenbelt. Official judging takes place on Friday. If you were the judge, which snow sculpture would you pick to win first place?

#1 - Moose Skiing

#2 - 1 Fish 2 Fish

#3 - Tobogganing

#4 - Trees

#5 - Fun Family Time

#6 - Fish under the ice

#6 - Different angle of Fish under the ice

There is one other sculpture that is not finished yet. Either that or someone has ruined (eek!) some of it, I am hoping it's just not completed yet.

They are all so good, it will be hard to pick a winner. I think my two favourite sculptures are the Tobogganing one and the Fish under the ice (these are just my names by the way). So which is your favourite snow sculpture?


Unknown said...

Can't choose! Love them all! *smile* Kudo's to all of you!

adam0768 said...

They all look great but I've got to go with tobogganing:)

Dogmatic Pragmatist said...

I like them all but #3 and #6 are my favs.

Ferg Devins said...

for us not having winter in Toronto its fun to look at these wonderful works of winter art...

Cooled Down said...

They all look great!