Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunset Country - A Place Like No Other

Wilderness Next Door

Sunset Country in Northwestern Ontario really is a place like no other. Located in the central part of North America, Sunset Country offers thousands of square miles of wilderness, much of it pristine and untouched by modern civilization. This is a landscape with almost 100,000 lakes rivers and streams, vast stretches of woods and abundant wildlife and fish.

You can see the likes of moose, deer, and bear in our forests as well as dozens of species of songbirds and large birds of prey such as bald eagles and osprey. We can offer you some of the best freshwater fishing on the planet with trophy-sized muskie, pike, walleye, trout and bass in our lakes. Bring your camera to catch images of the area's wildlife, scenery and of the many big fish you'll catch.

For those who want to paddle across the water, Sunset Country was made for the wilderness canoeist. Do names like Quetico, Woodland Caribou and Wabakimi conjure up dreams of a trip you always wanted to take? These are only three options and with many qualified and knowledgable canoe outfitters, your trip planning can be relatively simple.

Cruise vast lakes on a houseboat. Lake of the Woods is located in Sunset Country are Lac Seul and Dog Lake. You can rent a houseboat on any of these lakes and take your floating cabin to a different location each day. Experience tremendous fishing, find your own secluded beach and relax in the beauty of the Canadian outdoors.

For the family that loves to go camping in Ontario, Sunset Country is the place in the Province to go. You can choose from a variety of private campgrounds across the region or stay in a Provincial Park. Bring your RV or your tent no matter, the guarantee we can provide is you will have a fun time!

Fishermen and familiy vacationers have a choice of many resorts and lodges in the Sunset Country travel region. For a truly unique experience, why not consider a trip to a remote fly-in outpost or lodge? You'll step aboard a bush plane and fly to a lake that has no roads into it and best of all, no other people!

If you are just traveling through Sunset Country on your way to another destination, then make sure to go through the many small towns and cities along the way. In these towns and cities you'll find a good selection of hotels, motels and bed and breakfast facilities.

What really makes our part of Canada special is how close we are to you! If you live in the U.S. Midwest, Western Canada and Southern Ontario, you can get here easily and in good time. For more information on how we can help you make it all happen, order your free Ontario Travel Guide and Map for Sunset Country, the Great Canadian Experience!

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