Thursday, July 30, 2009

Festivals and Events - Party Time in Sunset Country

Festivals a Big Part of Summer

Summer is celebrated in a big way in Ontario's Sunset Country. It is the true "tourist season" - the time of year when visitor numbers are at their highest. Folks from the United States, Europe and as far away as Asia and the Pacific flock to this part of Canada. Why you ask, because they want to enjoy the incredible outdoor travel experiences we offer!. Set in the boreal forest and with 70,000 freshwater lakes Sunset Country attracts fisherman, hunters, campers, wilderness canoeists and families who can find unique and fun things to do.

In this post we want to focus on the festivals and events taking place in our towns and cities. It's summer and we're in a partying mood and you can always find something going on. In Red Lake, Ontario for example the Norseman Float Plane Festival is a great time and it takes place the last week of July. Vintage bush planes are the star attraction but stage entertainment, and many family activities also occur. Ear Falls offer one of Central Canada's best outdoor music experience at the Trout Forest Music Festival. Listen to major acts and enjoy a great camping trip at the same time.

Dryden's major summer festival is Moosefest with 9 days of exciting activities going on. A major windsurfing regatta one event you won't want to miss. Kenora has the big party along the shores of Lake of the Woods - Harbourfest - features major rock bands, and with the Agricultural Fair, going on at the same time, it is an event you don't want to miss.

Meet Blueberry Bert at the Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival. This event begins at the end of July and celebrates the harvest of a wild blueberries in the area. Many family-oriented activities make this a great idea for your family vacation - stay at nearby Ojibway Provincial Park or right in town. Pickle Lake laughs at one of the region's pest at the Black Fly Festival. If you are "at the end of the road" when it's on you'll find a wide variety of things to do and see.

Atikokan celebrates it reputation as a canoeing destination each year at Canoefest. Quetico Park just turned 100 years old in 2009 so there is lot's to celebrate in this great town west of Thunder Bay.

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