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Where Does One Find Stock Car Racing and a Horse Show?

Stock Car Races at the Emo Speedway - Courtesy of the R. R. Valley Agricultural Society

At the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Fall Fair! Catch the action in Emo, Ontario August 18-20, 2011

The Rainy River Valley Agricultural Fall Fair takes place at the Fairgrounds in Emo. There is so much to do at the fair this year. The popular Stock Car Races run on Friday and Saturday nights. Hotlaps start at 6pm and racing starts at 6:30pm. Racing is held at the Emo Speedway. The Borderland Racing Association holds a Pancake Breakfast August 19 from 7-10am where the members serve up a great breakfast of pancakes, and sausages with coffee or juice.

The Horse Show at the Rainy River Valley is one of the few horse shows in the area. So if you are a horse lover, be sure to make your way down to watch. There are a variety of classes and events including miniature, draft and light horses. On Friday the Horse Show starts at 9am and Saturday it begins at 8am sharp. Look for the horses in the northwest corner of the Fairgrounds.

Rainy River Valley Fall Fair Horse Show - Courtesy of the RRVAS

As for the exhibitions, anyone can be an exhibitor. Just become a member of the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society and then you can enter lots of your great handiwork, garden produce, chickens, goats, rabbits, homemade delicacies and much more. Download the Fair Book to see what you can exhibit. There's a whole lot more to do than enter or view exhibits. See the 4-H displays of completed projects in the 4-H Exhibition Hall. Enjoy a beef burger, homemade French fries or locally grown corn on the cob at the 4-H Food Booth. Take a walk to the barns to visit the animals and pets that the 4-H members have raised as 4-H projects this year. The motto of the 4-H Club is “Learn to do by doing".

The Beef Show has been a tradition since the very beginning of the Fall Fair.  It's great competition and a good time. Often there are exhibitors not only from Rainy River Valley, but Dryden, Thunder Bay and Manitoba as well. There are classes for all age of cattle, male and female including a Jackpot Heifer Class and Open Showmanship  (if you are walking through the barn and decide you would like to try showing you just need to ask to borrow a animal and you can compete in this class), Breeders Herd, Andy Carpenter Memorial Herdsman Award, and a special class for kids that are too young for 4-H.  Ever see a cow have a bath and a haircut? Take a few minutes and visit the barn to see this spectacle.

Midway Rides for the Young and Young at Heart

Select Shows brings their midway to Emo from Thursday to Saturday. Thursday the midway runs from 2pm-midnight. Friday and Saturday the rides are open from noon to midnight. There are rides for both young and old. Younger children will enjoy the smaller rides while the older children and adults can feel the exhilaration of a larger, scarier ride. I find if you are stressed, a fast-paced scary ride where you yell at the top of your lungs always helps. Everyone will enjoy some of the treats like a candy apple or cotton candy.

The RRVAS Parade held on Saturday at 12:00pm sharp. The Parade route begins in front of the Emo Hospital then follows Front Street, turns onto Queen Street, then crosses Highway 11/71 and ends at the grandstand. This year's parade theme is anything Disney.

The Loggers Competition is sure to impress. All events are in front of the grandstand. Competitions include speed power saw, 2 man cross-cut, chair carve, pole felling, buck saw, axe thros, pulpwood toss, axe chop, tea boil and Jack & Jill events.

What would a Fall Fair be without a Queen? You can meet the Queen candidates at a supper and fashion show on Monday August 15th starting at 6pm. This year's contestants are Chelsey Mosley, Kaylee Heyens, Sarah Glover, Hailey Trimble and Liz Steele.  The crowning of the RRVAS Fall Fair Queen takes place on Thursday.

Mini King & Queen Contest - Courtesy of the R. R. Valley Agricultural Society

Each year the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 99, Emo, sponsors a Mini-Queen and Mini-King pageant. Several boys and girls compete in the Mini-Queen and Mini-King pageants ages 3-6 years of age. The pageant takes place Thursday at 7:30pm in the arena during the Queen Contest.

The Song Star Showcase is an amazing lineup of 12 local singers from the Rainy River District. They will be preforming on the small stage from 2-5pm Friday and Saturday. Come out and enjoy what the local singers have to offer. Saturday night Centreline takes the stage performing hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The dance will be from 9pm-1am.

Visit the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Fall Fair's website for a complete list and schedule of events and attractions. For more information on Emo, visit the Township of Emo's webpage or go to for things to do and places to stay in Emo.

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