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Red Lake Fall Classic

Red Lake Fall Classic on Red Lake in Ontario - Courtesy of RLFC

The catch & release walleye tournament is held In Red Lake on September 3rd and 4th, 2011. The Red Lake Fall Classic is held each Labour Day with the top anglers taking home cash, merchandise and some bragging rights. Last year's winners of the Red Lake Fall Classic were Joe Barron and Lonnie Lundmark. With a day one total of 14.22 lbs and 13.70 lbs on day two, the 27.92 lb total was enough for first place. The big fish of the walleye tournament came on day two and was a nice 7.82 lb walleye caught by Wayne Cerven and Stan Cerven.

2011 Red Lake Fall Classic prizes, based on 140 teams, are as follows:
  • First $11,000
  • Second $5,000 & 2 Humminbird Trolling Locators
  • Third $3,000 & 2 MinnKota Trolling Motors
  • Fourth $2,300
  • Fifth $1,700
  • Sixth $1,300
  • Seventh $1,200
  • Eighth $1,100
  • Ninth $1,000
  • Tenth $900
  • 11th - 15th $300
  • 16th - 20th $200
  • 21st - 25th $100 & 21st - 24th get a tackle box
There are also prizes for Mystery Weights, Big Fish each day, Mixed Team & Ladies Team Big Bag each day,  Low Weight with Ten Fish, Team Finishing in 51st Position - Randy Brownlee Memorial Award, Big Fish Over All, Big Bag each day and Overall Big Bag, Big Charge to the Top 25 placings, Big Charge Award, and Top Team with Lund Boat.
    Here's a short clip of anglers waiting to weigh in at the 2010 Red Lake Fall Classic. Courtesy of L.A. Varga. If you like to watch the boats take off or come in, the anglers leave in 3 flights between 7:00 and 7:30 am. Saturday they come back between 4:00 and 4:30 and Sunday anglers arrive to weigh in between 3:00 and 3:30pm.

    There is a Junior Championship on Saturday September 3rd from noon-2pm at the Government Dock. All participants win prizes. Last year Isabeau Laverdure won first prize with a 0.72 lb Rock Bass. The Kids Tournament is open to children under 12.

    Check back next week to see updates on who won the 2011 Red Lake Fall Classic Catch & Release Walleye Tournament. Visit Sunset Country's website to see a listing of other fishing tournaments in Northwestern Ontario.


    Red Lake Fall Classic Day 1 Results as per the Red Lake Fall Classic website:

    Top five anglers
    1. Dave Cryderman & Dan Daciw - 17.53 lbs
    2. Dennis Wintle & Kevin Szachury - 17.06 lbs
    3. Dominic Dodic & Andy Willis - 15.35 lbs
    4. Doug Skomoroh & Keith Rutter - 15.19 lbs
    5. Kevan Bassingthwaite & Harry Spence - 14.83 lbs
    UPDATE #2, September 4th:

    Unofficial results of the 2011 Red Lake Fall Classic are:
    1. Dennis Wintle & Kevin Szachury  D1-17.06, D2-14.89, Total: 31.95
    2. Dave Cryderman & Dan Daciw  D1-17.53, D2-13.34, Total: 30.87
    3. Patrick MacMillan & Catherine Farley  D1-14.54, D2-13.99, Total: 28.53
    4. Kevan Bassingthwaite & Harry Spence  D1-14.83, D2-13.27, Total: 28.10
    5. JP Kennedy & David Koss  D1-13.92, D2-13.53, Total: 27.45
    6. Dean McDonald & Scott Gardiner  D1-14.45, D2-12.58, Total: 27.03
    7. Dominic Dodic & Andy Willis  D1-15.35, D2-11.54, Total: 26.89
    8. Doug Skomoroh & Keith Rutter  D1-15.19, D2-11.62, Total: 26.81
    9. Jerry Woods & Jake Teichroeb  D1-13.79, D2-12.69, Total: 26.48
    10. Jason Leblanc & Tim Szaflik  D1-14.58, D2-11.80, Total: 26.38 
    Big Fish Day one: Dave Cryderman & Dan Daciw with a 8.72 lb walleye.
    Big Fish Day two: Warren Kujansuu & Ron Kujansuu with a 6.19 lb walleye.
    Junior Championship: Garrette Peloquin won the Kid's Tournament with a 1.46 lb Northern Pike.

    For a complete list of winners, please visit the Red Lake Fall Classic website.

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