Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Turn your Dreams to Reality!

Start Gearing Up for Fishing Season

Muskie are fun to catch!
Yes it's only January and the temperatures in most parts (and certainly in these parts) are still downright chilly! The overnight low with the windchill tomorrow is forecast at -32 Celsius and that is cold! With winter's bluster still squarely in our face, there's no harm in dreaming of the soon to come warm spring days, where the lake is calm and the bite is on.

Teach your kid to fish!
Now is time to remember the feeling of a 4 pound smallmouth or maybe a 15 pound northern. How about walleye, muskie or trout. Who cares's just nice to dream of being out on the water and casting your bait into the sunken timber or jigging the bottom hoping for a bite. The savory taste of fresh walleye shore lunch cooked over an open fire beckons. Yummy!

Catch lake trout!
While you can only dream about it, now is the time of year where you can set things in motion to make those dreams come true and actually book your trip. By booking early you ensure you get the dates you want at the lodge you want on the lake you've heard so much about. Email us for your free travel guide and map and start planning your 2013 trip today!

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