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Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Trip

The Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Trip

The Ultimate Northern Ontario Road Trip is a 60 day voyage through the pristine and sometimes remote wilderness of Northern Ontario. The rag-tag band of correspondents have set out to explore every last corner of the province, using the internet to report back on our quest for the best time ever. Over the course of this epic road trip they’ll be bringing you the incredible tales of the the things they do and the people they meet with the power of photo, video and social media. Check back often for their progress, and don’t forget to add them on TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube!
The journey started June 1st and they will venture into Sunset Country starting July 7, 2012. Here's an itinerary of where they will be headed and what they will be doing:
July 7, 2012, Thunder Bay to Devlin – They will leave the Thunder Bay to begin their adventures into the depths of Sunset Country, an area they've never explored before. They’ll be taking Highway 11 into Fort Frances and staying the night at Lake Despair Lodge. They have never been this excited about Despair!
July 8, 2012, Devlin to Caliper Lake – Travelling to Sioux Narrows and what purports to be an excellent motorcycling road via the town of Stratton, they’ll be taking in a tour of the unique Manitoba Mounds. They’ll also explore one of the few agricultural areas in the North, head into the Lake of the Woods area and bed down at Caliper Lake Provincial Park.

Kay-Nay-Chi-Wah-Nung Historical Centre
Kay-Nay-Chi-Wah-Nung Historical Centre (Manitou Mounds)
July 9, 2012, Caliper Lake to Kenora – Arriving in Kenora mid-morning, they will be heading up into the sky for a float plane trip (they’ll strap a camera to the bottom of the plane so they can share the whole experience), a kayak trip with Green Adventures and a cruise on the MS Kenora before hitting the hay at the Anicinabe RV Park.
July 10, 2012, Kenora – What voyage into Northern Ontario would be complete without a fishing trip to capture the elusive mystical Muskie! This should be good for a few laughs as the city slickers try their hand at angling.
July 11, 2012, Kenora to Wabigoon – After exploring the city and catching up on their posts, they’ll leave Kenora mid-afternoon. Mike and Bogdan will check out Highway 502 while Jessie and Alexe check out Minnitaki and Elgi before regrouping at night at the Polar Star Lodge, home of the world’s largest covered dock!
Oz Lake Lodge, south of Pickle Lake, Ontario
Oz Lake Lodge
July 12, 2012, Wabigoon to Pickle Lake – Fortified by wild blueberry pancakes in Ignace, they start a big driving day where we tackle the trip to the top of Ontario’s most northerly paved road. At night they’ll sleep at the Oz Lake Motel.
July 13, 2012, Pickle Lake to Sandbar Lake Provincial Park – After their adventure in the the deep north, they’ll take a leisurely stroll drive down the side roads to return to Sandbar Lake Provincial Park where they’ll take a nap on the beach, and keep lookout for Sandpipers and Lynx!
July 14, 2012, Sandbar Lake to Thunder Bay – Heading back to Thunder Bay via Highway 622, they’ll take in a longer sail with Capt. Greg and get some more history of Lake Superior. We’ll be staying at the KOA RV Park just outside of town.
To follow their adventure for the rest of the road trip read their itinerary  on their website. You can also see tons of photos of Northern Ontario on their website, almost as if you've done the trip as well. 

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