Friday, September 16, 2011

Grand Opening of the HarbourDome Tonight

The new Harbourfront Tent is up in Kenora! After planning for a year or two and actual construction since last fall, the new Harbourfront tent (HarbourDome as some are calling it) is up and will be used by Canadian legends Blue Rodeo tonight, September 16th, 2011. Below are some progression photos I've been taking during construction. The first photo is of the old tent which is to the left of the new tent if you are looking at it from the water.

Kenora Harbourfront - The old yellow and white tent

 Kenora Harbourfront - Just before the top is to go up
 Kenora Harbourfront - Lifting the tent

Kenora Harbourfront - Top of tent is attached

Kenora Harbourfront - Top of tent is up!

Kenora Harbourfront - Tent sides are up.

Ready or not, here we come! Tonight Blue Rodeo will christen the Kenora Harbourfront tent. Kenora's own Fat City will open for Blue Rodeo. See you there!

So back from the concert. The tent is awesome! It's way bigger than the old yellow and white tent. I was near the back and the sound was great even back there. Only draw back is that they ran out of beer too early. lol. It looks way bigger inside than it does from the outside. Great job Kenora! Here's a photo of Blue Rodeo and inside of the tent. I didn't bring my good camera, so it's iPod quality. I'll see if I can upload a video tomorrow.

Blue Rodeo rockin' it in Kenora.

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