Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lodges, Resorts & Outpost Cabins in Ontario

Vacations in Ontario, Canada

Everyone needs a vacation and if you are looking for a great vacation idea then we have one for you. Sunset Country is a travel region that covers most of (north) western Ontario. Situated above the State of Minnesota, this is a land with thousands of lakes and endless tracts of northern Boreal forest. Within the region you have the choice of staying at literally hundreds of different lodges, resorts and oupost cabins.

If you want to go fishing then you're in luck as that is the "star" attraction we have to offer. Lodges and Resorts in Ontario's Sunset Country provide a number of packages that you can choose from. For the more independent vacationer, one who does not want to follow a meal schedule and who wants to do what they want when they want, we recommend you look to rent a housekeeping cabin. This is where you rent the cabin only - a fully-equipped one mind you - but the key is you do your own cooking. These cabins come with complete kitchens so you can really whip up a good meal if you are so inclined. For those who really just want to relax and not worry about having to cook, then you should choose the American plan package where the lodge staff look after meal preparation for you. The American plan often includes extra amenities such as a boat and motor included with the package.

To truly escape from civilization however, there is no better choice than a Canadian fly-in outpost cabin where it is you and your party, the cabin and the lake - no neighbors! The experience of "owning" a freshwater lake for seven days is truly something else. You can fish, hike, swim - whatever you want - this is your vacation and there is nobody else around to bug you!

If any of these sound like fun to you then we have information to help you plan your vacation - enjoy!

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