Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rent a Houseboat and Explore Magnificent Lakes

Houseboat Rentals

Northwestern Ontario is home to 70,000 freshwater lakes and three of them, Lake of the Woods, La
c Seul and Dog Lake have houseboat rentals. These lakes are all large in size. Lake of the Woods for example has a surface area of 1 million acres and is dotted with over 14,000 islands. Measure the shoreline of Lake of the Woods and all its islands and it exceeds Lake Superior. It's true, the lake is a paradise for a houseboat vacation. You can rent boats out of Morson, Sioux Narrows or Kenora and chart your way through this maze of forests and water. Wildlife is every where as you'll see white pelicans, bald eagles, whitetail deer, bears and maybe even a moose!

Lac Seul is another immense lake as well stretching from Ear Falls in the west all the way to Hudson and Sioux Lookout on the east. Lac Seul is a massive reservoir of the English River which eventually flows we
st into the Winnipeg River and then Lake Winnipeg. Fishing on Lac Seul is some of the finest in Ontario. Walleye fishing is almost legendary and the muskie fishing on the east end of the Lake may be the best anywhere. You can rent houseboats from operators in Hudson or Ear Falls. Enjoy a week on the water that you'll never forget.

Dog Lake near Thunder Bay is not of the scale of Lac Seul or Lake of the Woods, but is still a huge lake that has major channels that are great to explore. A week isn't long enough to explore the entire lake but you will see wildlife and enjoy great fishing, swimming or just relaxing. Houseboats are often booked by groups of friends or family and make for a very memorable vacation choice.

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